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    Why so many CEOs are taking up cycling

    Brendan McMahon, 55, is a high-ranking partner at PwC who has biked all of his life, competing with bike from the age of fourteen, before starting his full career in finance.

    But he has had an advantage, more reason why the C-suite cyclists are willingly beginning to draw near.

    In recent times, he partook in the Haute Route Pyrénées, called ‘the survival ride for hedge-funders’, a certified typical cycling race where competitors race over 800km in a week and hike more than 20,000m.

    About thirty years ago, somebody like McMahon was an irregularity in the Haute Route Pyrénées which is a different presently. At this year’s race, he had a meeting with ‘entrepreneurs, individuals from Silicon Valley, technology investors, bankers, accountants, litigation lawyers’. There has been, he says, ‘an exact vital alteration in the people who are cycling’.

    HotChillee, a company that organises a great number of ‘qualified events for proletarians’, authorizes McMahon’s statement. The demographic of their condition is an ‘HNW male A-form, which is between 35-55 years’ and their crucial divisions are ‘banking and finance, technology, media, legal and sport’; where most are business owners or management level.

    The vast surge in CEOs and MDs participating in such proceedings cannot just be dig down to hundreds of concurrent midlife predicaments. No, the motives are far comprehensive, from a customary initiator such as showing off to fresher divisions such as chattering, getting money for charity and even enhancing your boardroom skills.

    While recreational cycling can be as economical as you want, administrators getting prepared for competitions can commence luxurious tastes.

    Agreeing to HotChillee, these bikers usually spend about $5,000 a year on cycling, and they will ride ten-plus actions a year of which three are international events’ and will acquire a new bike every single two to three years. The Pinarello Rokh will fixed you back $3,695, whereas a Dogma F8 — the classic model used by Team Sky, together with Chris Froome — will be budgeted for $7,000-$11,000.

    It’s not however the same expense as a sports car, but I’ve overheard of a general practitioner spending $2,500 on wheels only and legal representative flying to America to have controls customized by companies like Parlee, which will suit your motor cycle to you just as a tailor would your new outfit.

    Businesses like Rapha get returns of high-end outfit in an assortment of technical materials and high-quality merino fabric to help you look the portion both when contending and when riding in the city.

    Preparing for these contests no longer requires your every single additional hour. Thanks to the extensions in sport science, days of working out can be substituted with high-intensity periods concentrating on power, permitting those who are time-poor to train around work.

    You don’t even need to be in top shape when you start as it’s a low-impact sport, nor do you need to book courts or find teammates, so you can cycle however, wherever and whenever you feel.

    The Wattbike — fundamentally a refined exercise bike — is a good instance. It has been technologically advanced in association with British Cycling and permits at-home riders to imitate the precise format of their racing bikes and the sense of cycling on the indoor road. You would assume this type of sophisticated technology to be utilized generally by experts but, says Tom Crampton, marketing manager at Wattbike UK, the mainstream of sales come from the ‘in-home market place’. Actually, their objective demographic is the ‘London City boy’ amongst the ages of 35 and 55 with boundless levels of casual income but minute time.

    You would expect this sort of high-level technology (even a basic model will set you back £1,695) to be used mainly by specialists but, says Tom Crampton, marketing manager at Wattbike UK, the majority of sales come from the ‘in-home market’. In fact, their target demographic is the ‘London City boy’ between the ages of 35 and 55 with great levels of throwaway income but little time.

    Andrew Hawes, MD of wine shipper Mentzendorff & Co, grabbed up cycling again in his forties as for him it delivered ‘the flawless stability to the burdens of a young family and promptly emerging career’. Training as the foremost thing in the morning, as many do, has the supplementary advantage of kick-starting your break and releasing endorphins that increase your dynamism for the next four hours and, extremely enhance your performance in the office.

    Training first thing in the morning, as many do, has the added benefit of kickstarting your breakdown and freeing endorphins that boost your energy for the next four hours and, studies have shown, intensely improve your performance in the office.

    Cycling also lets you to take the main structures that assist you to flourish in the workplace — punishment, determination and strength of mind — out of the office. Forcing yourself that bit more and never being pleased that you have gotten to your peak are what most powerful business is all about; cycling is a normal extension lead, only with excessive setting and renewed air rather than plain office furniture and air-conditioning.

    It nurtures a reassuring system — you may well be contending on performance-tracking app Strava to attain greater times than your colleagues, but you require a team around you for inspiration, to backing you when you’re tired by protecting you within the peloton and for dialogue over the customary coffee stops.

    Brendan McMahon says he has extended his business structure due to cycling and he puts that down to the point that the people he encounters at races are ‘like-minded, both workwise and from a sporting view’. Cycling is now the joint aspect in many client conferences and a shared obligation of the sport can be the preliminary point of business interactions.

    It is also an interest that supports partnership and dependence. As McMahon says, ‘If I’m going down a highland at 50-60mph and I’m six inches away from somebody’s back wheel, I must belief that that person knows what they are doing.’ A supplement to assisting your business, cycling can help extra generally: 10 per cent of cyclists, conferring to Mintel, have partook in a supported cycle drive.

    For many in the City, cycling for a cause can be a great charitable outlet. Lawrence Dallaglio, former England rugby captain and founder of the biennial Dallaglio Cycle Slam, cycles for this reason — and to keep himself active now he is no longer on the field.

    His Cycle Slam fascinates caption funding from Citibank, Bollinger and Virgin Media and this year they are on aim to nurture seven figures yet again. Everyone who join obligates to contributing a minimum of £3,000 for the selected reasons and while the Cycle Slam is open to everybody of all aptitudes and occupations.

    Everyone who signs up commits to raising a minimum of £3,000 for the chosen causes and while the Cycle Slam is open to everyone of all abilities and professions, Dallaglio does sign that ‘there is undoubtedly a group of C-suite, very driven people who take part’.

    Everyone I have spoken to, from McMahon (who rides to raise money for Room to Read) to Hawes and Dallaglio (who ride for the Dallaglio Foundation’s causes), comments on the sense of achievement cycling gives them.

    This sensation is the motive Dallaglio selected cycling for his fundraising occasion, and he prizes its joint effort part too: “It must be boundless to hike Everest and view at the top and look over the astounding view, but it is far better when you hike Everest with other people and you can grip hands on the top. You get that mutual intellect of accomplishment, and that is anywhere the Cycle Slam was born.”

    Maybe for some, cycling happened as a midlife predicament — men revolving to a low influence sport as a discharge from work, a reason to go on an expedition to France and brag in Lycra — but it isn’t that any more. It has turn out to be a prevalent part of business communication, networking and conversation, improving effectiveness and motivating determination and altruism along the way.

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    New research shows cycling to work has extraordinary health benefits

    It is vital for people to know that physical activity and workout is necessary for them. But what can be the most surprising aspect of it is the good and benefit you get while doing it.

    It is really astonishing that cycling offers numerous health benefit and indeed amazing that just riding a bike to your place of work gives you unexpected benefits. Research stated in the British Medical Journal last week shows that cycling to your place of work has amazing health advantages. This research will broadly focus on cycling as a tool to increase our health system.

    This investigation was done by a team of agents at the University of Glasgow who pursued 263,450 people for five years who travelled to their place of work and stayed in England, Scotland or Wales. The partakers in the study were classified centred on the type of transport they took when going to work or coming back from. The classifications and their descriptions are presented in the below table:

    Transportation classifications

    • Non-active By public transport or car
    • Walking only Just by walking
    • Cycling Cycling combined with walking
    • Mixed-mode walking Combination of walking with car and/or public transit
    • Mixed-mode cycling Combination of cycling or cycling plus some walking with car and/or public transit

    The occurrence of sickness or death from diverse causes was done in the respective classifications. The investigators state death from all sources, cancer occurrence and death, and circulatory syndrome occurrence and death. It was discovered that cancer and circulatory disease are the prominent sources of death in both the UK and the US.

    There are several influences that causes cancer and cardiovascular disease when compared to how people moves to work. The investigators went to great extents to regulates most of these influence. The investigation was done monitoring for sex, age, background, dispossession, other ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and depression, body mass directory, smoking, nutrition, the period used up when walking for inclination or involved in vigorous sport, level of professional physical activity, and inactive behaviour. This was an extraordinarily well-ordered investigation.

    The effects of rambling and cycling were measured by comparing them with the Non-active mode of transportation. Cycling to work was associated with very large health aids. Commuters who pedal to work had a 41% lower risk of dying from all causes than people who drove or took public transport. They also had a 46% lower risk of emerging and a 52% lower risk of dying from circulatory disease, and a 45% lower risk of developing and a 40% lower risk of dying from cancer.

    Mixed-mode biking was associated with good benefits that were not as large. Mixed-mode cyclists had a 24% lower risk of dying from all causes. They had a 32% lower risk of emerging and a 36% lower risk of dying from cancer. There were no important associations between mixed-mode cycling and cardiovascular disease.

    Walking to work was associated with a 27% lower risk of developing and a 36% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. There were no significant associations among walking and any of the other measures. There were also no significant associations between mixed-mode walking and any of the measures.

    All of the observed benefits for both cyclists and walkers increased with the distance travelled. This is important because it means that even if you live too far from your job to cycle the entire distance, your health can help if you can ride a bike part of the way each day.

    One might be motivated to question the beneficial effects associated with pedalling to work that are reported in the study simply because they are so huge. Although the study was very well done, there are, as always, limitations. The canvassers point out that they were unable to control for fatness and the applicants in their study may have been healthier on average than the general population.

    In addition, the type of transportation and the distance travelled were reported by the applicants, not objectively measured by the investigators. Self-reported data is usually subject to higher degrees of bias, alteration or inaccuracy. Finally, while the study measured associations between health outcomes and modes of transit using a well-controlled prospective design, the evidence for a strong association between cycling and better health does not justify the conclusion that cycling was the cause of the experiential health benefits.

    The results of this study are of obvious attention to anyone who travels to work and wants to avoid cancer and circulatory disease. The study should also be of interest to employers and metropolises.

    Cancer and circulatory disease are debilitating illnesses that have long-term effects. The study indicates that bosses can reduce time lost due to illness by creating it easy for their employees to cycle to work. It also suggests that the costs tolerated by municipalities for long-term treatment of people with cancer and cardiovascular disease can be reduced by making city streets safe and friendly for cyclists.

    Moreover, the size of the effects seen in the study indicate that the benefits reaped by employers and municipalities are likely to be substantial. Encouraging people to ride their bikes to work while making it safe for them to do so is a win-win for everybody.

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    Bicycling Sharpens Your Thinking and Improves Your Mood

    It not new anymore that exercise is great for your physique and well-being. Similar to most workout process, riding a bike gives a perceptual and emotional value that let people deal with high pressure and many other things.

    People who cycle for their well-being can frequently run through some of its noble benefit. Bicycling assists in controlling your weight, depressing your blood pressure and reducing inflammation. It decreases the possibility of having a heart attack or stroke or the acts of having diabetes or cancers.

    But what most people don’t know or usually forget is that riding a bike also assists in building a better brain both physically and functionally.
    There are studies which confirms that riding a bike helps in improving an individual thinking and also eradicate stress. Researchers reviewing the mental and emotional outcome of this physical action occasionally request people to ride a bicycle for a given time phrase outdoor or pedal a static bicycle indoors.

    Here’s what the latest studies demonstrate about the advantages of riding a bike for intellectual health and emotive well-being

    Your Brain on Cycling: Better Connectivity

    Have you heard more about the grey substance in the brain but we need to know more about the white substance too. White substance, generally found below the brain’s surface, has been compared to a channel system that connect various parts of the brain.

    A failure of this system can lead to irrational thinking and other mental discrepancies. Luckily, there’s a confirmation that shows that performing a motor skill such as constant punching in karate allow the system to run efficiently.

    The newest proof comes from a study of strong people and schizophrenia patients, part of whom were casually selected for a six-month workout program using motionless bikes. The study was piloted in Netherlands, where bike riding is abundant.

    However, the extra of this training made a great change. Brain images displayed that performing pedalling on a stationary bike almost every time has increased the reliability of the white substance fibre regions in both well and schizophrenic brains.

    Another Bicycling Byproduct: More BDNF

    From a molecular perspective, the protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) may possibly be the main broker in the affiliation between physical motion and brain condition.

    BDNF helps sustain the present neurons and produce new fresh ones. In annexation to supplementing a healthy brain peocedure, BDNF has assist to fend off certain neurological diseases, consisting the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It’s indeed known that workout can increase your BDNF levels.

    A new study shows people with both the typical type 2 diabetes or the metabolism symtoms which is a group of health status or a person state of being, such as increased blood sugar and higher blood pressure which eventually raises the possibility of having and gaining diabetes, heart afflictions and stroke. Subsequently, if they can have and maintain a regular exercise on a stationary bike for a period of three month, their BDNF levels will increase.

    Pedal-Powered Memory and Reasoning

    Aerobic physical activities or workout is essential for the brain in many various ways you can’t think of. For example, it assist in supporting sufficient blood flow to the brain, which compensate the metabolically voracious organs with a smooth flow of oxygen and nutriment.

    This is one of the main motive why steady exercise can assist your learning, thinking and your judgement towards people’s age.

    Its not really necessary for you to depend on the AARP card before you can gain from this benefits. Even undeveloped adults frequently acknowledge that a riding a bike actually aids your thinking into higher gear. This statement was backed up by different research.

    A study shows that healthy, strong, youthful men operate and pedal a fixed bike at a normal intensity for about 30 minutes. They also accomplished a sequence of cognitive sessions ahead of it and afterward. Following a cycling session, they gained higher with their memory, their level thinking and planning, and also they were able to complete the sessions faster than the previous ones.

    The Bike Path to Relaxation and Well-Being

    Many different studies have been conducted and most of them have shown that a steady exercise helps stop and ease stress, distress and depression. One of the studies concentrated more on the people with depression that were diagonized with antidepressants. When they pedal a stationary bike for a period of 15 minutes, their level of steroid hormone and stress hormone reduces.

    Riding a bike outside in a natural and cool environment simply intensifies these advantages. This is because if you spend most of your time in nature , nature in itself, can help lessen stress and reduce the manifestation of depression and distress. There have been observation proven facts that performing “green exercise” can increase motivation and enjoyment.

    Peradenture the most original and imaginative study of this outcome in cyclists was done completely indoors. A decision which was created to better improve and control the study surroundings. Volunteers always view a five-minute record of a green, leafy cycling track while pedaling a static bike . The three modes of the record were displayed: unedited, edited to look red and edited to seems gray.

    After watching the original green version, most of the volunteers described a lower negative composure overall. They also revealed that the cycling was experienced like smaller work, despite the fact that their heart speed and breathing remained the same throughout the exercise.

    Don’t just take all this word just like that. Perform your own experiment and feel the experience. Get a bike, put on a helmet and go for a ride within your local surrounding.

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    6 lessons a CEO learned from biking with Richard Branson

    Just imagine yourself biking through 300 miles in just four days and climbing over 20,000 feet in a straight down tramp with no skilled preparation.

    You will get to know it not an easy thing to do. Then imagine again that you are biking together with the one and only Richard Branson, who is the founder of the Virgin Group. That’s the states which Kurt Long found himself prior this month.

    Long who is the founder and CEO of the cyber-security firm, FairWarning, visited the Neckar Island, which Branson keeps. The two of them met and played a handful pleasant tennis games. After their last game, Branson summoned Long to partake in the Virgin Strive Contest.

    This contest was organized by Branson and the ultra-marathon encompasses biking thousands of miles, climbing through responsive volcanoes, and traversing sharp mountains in a fundraising determination to backing start-ups dedicated on assisting young people.

    You need to learn how to think of things that are higher than yourself,” Long told CNBC. You can try to acquire great things and manage the possibility of it. You might experience some disappointment when doing this but you can brace yourself up and keep going.”

    On the trip, Long understood he was not simply learning exactly how to cycle extra miles than he used to do before. He was also learning some vital professional and business trainings. Let take a look at some of the vital things he learnt:

    1. Turn big goals into small steps

    For this CEO, the great objective was to bike 300 miles across the coastline of Italy in just a couple of days. With the aim of doing that, he needed to deliberate trivially and concentrate on pushing the control each seconds.

    Success hardly arises immediately but to attain your subsequent business or career aim, Long endorses breaching bigger goals into lesser one to do’s.

    “The vital key is to preserve the crucial goals at the back of your mind every time, but also have a strategy for every day and even every single moment as to how you will acquire incremental improvement,” Long composed in a message to CNBC.

    2. Focus on yourself

    There exist a couple times when Long didn’t know if he would end the contest in the least. Over the progress of the challenging journey, he discovered that the vilest thing he possibly would do was to match himself to others.

    “When other riders are scaling by you up the mountain, or puffing by you down a mountain or when it feels like you are indeed undertaking something wrong, you have to trust your personal dispositions about the right plan for you. Concentrating on yourself physically lets you to be genuine and relieves pressure.

    3. Get advice from others

    With just few weeks to get ready, the capitalist sought after advice from people who had knowledge of doing lengthy distance cycling. After having a session with an enthusiastic cyclist, Long learned numerous vital trainings about the whole thing from the significance of setting goals to the significance of putting on stretch out bike shorts.

    He made it clear that you need to listen to people who have done it before and gain something from them.

    4. Focus on the present

    Whether you are recuperating from a damaged bike kit or a frustration at the office, it’s essential not to live on the past, Long said. He further stated that you need to ‘’Roll the bike forward,”. “Watching over your shoulder or living on the past won’t get you to anywhere.”

    5. Take care of yourself

    Functioning tough at something will surely trench you, Long apprehended. It’s significant to give yourself an interval stretch to spring back. “Repossession isn’t voluntary but it is obligatory,” he said. ”

    Amazingly, if you pay courtesy to regaining, you really can advance your acts even when riding extensive regular distances.” Whether it’s attaining additional siesta or prepping yourself intellectually for the next day, it’s essential to go easy of yourself, conferring to the capitalist.

    6. Smile

    When Long was in corporal discomfort on the expedition, he found out that upholding the right assertiveness was of assistance to him. For whatsoever motive, just smiling and having a sense of humour about a despicable endeavour works. ”

    Your physique answer back to the positive participation even when it is simply your own attitude and smile.”

    Original post appeared on CNBC

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    How cycling makes you smarter at work

    Utilizing your bike out oftentimes enables your encephalon to grow more neuro-transmitter chemicals (like phenyl ethylamine) which have the basic errand of conveying data crosswise over cells.

    When the transmission of information is productive, the correspondence inside the mind is quick and compelling, which enables you to be sharp by intuition speedier, seeing better and expanding memory.

    Frequently, bike rides add up to the talented crossing of uneven territories by the consistent execution of complex activities – accelerating without losing balance, organizing the development of your legs, eyes and hands, guiding to stay away from hindrances – that influence your cerebrum to ready and mindful.

    More or less, the impact ongoing riding has on your gray matter is much similar to the course of a long trip! – beginning from locate, notice, discourse, development through fixation, cognizance, memory up to deduction design, basic leadership and critical thinking.

    Mitigates Stress

    On the off chance that you achieve your office by bicycle than via auto, you truly avoid a noteworthy every day stressor, the inwardly depleting occupied hour activity since you ride at the edge of the street by a littler vehicle that is moderately simple to move.

    Cycle-rides stay away from outer stressors as well as help hold the inside ones under control. Various investigations have discovered that pedalling controls the arrival of adrenalin and cortisol amid irksome occasions. At the end of the day, dynamic bikers can oppose the trigger of ‘battle or flight’ reaction to minor setbacks while sofa potatoes aren’t.

    Bicycling can lessen feelings of anxiety in a roundabout too. For instance, by saddling up, you invigorate blood course to your skin, dispose of flaw causing poisons and spare yourself from awful skin stresses.

    In this manner, turning the cranks can free you of tension from multiple points of view, you take part in them on a consistent reason for not over a hour while keeping your heart rate at around 75% of max.

    Ride Smart

    Accelerating past the 30-minute stamp makes your encephalon create glad hormones (like serotonin), making a superior antidote with keeping you away from low spirits than your antidepressants.

    When friends gather to hit the trail, riding turns into an awesome mingling exercise; one that creates closeness and fortifies bonds. Cycling mates think that its simpler to open up their souls to each other, which means that there is no space for melancholy!

    Truth be told, bicycle rides can accomplish something beyond keeping you happy. They can influence you to encounter an addict’s high. Last studies have affirmed that pedalling for the great piece of an hour can initiate the limbic area to create anadamide, the rapture courier which influences bliss to course through your veins.

    Final Thoughts

    Bicycling is a magnificent exercise that makes you physically, rationally and emotianlly vigorous. Joining a spinning class and turning the wheels inside the four dividers of a room is awesome. Be that as it may, nothing can level with the excite of exploring through a pack of obstructions in a characteristic setting. In this way, be savvy enough to ride cheerfully and ride enough to end up plainly brilliant and blissful!

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    5 habits to forget about bicycling injuries

    For a cyclist, an injury is the worst thing that can happen, not only because of the pain and discomfort that will result from medical treatment and recovery, but because it represents a period of time during which you will not be able to run.

    Unfortunately, while riding a bicycle, we will be exposed to injury at any time; That’s why we want to share some tricks that will help you avoid the feared injuries and thus run safely and safely.

    1. Lean on good equipment

    The appropriate clothing and equipment will allow you to mount your risk exposure. Always wearing your glasses, gloves and helmet is vital to protect you; Also the appropriate choice of clothing which must be specially designed to withstand rubbing, sweating, temperature and, of course, comfort.

    Keep in mind that when riding a bicycle, we are exposed to weather changes, changes in terrain, particles and obstacles along the way, as well as the dreaded falls. An efficient professional team, of good quality, will not be able to avoid these elements, but it will be able to offer you protection against the unforeseen ones.

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    Finally remember to have your bicycle with the indicated adjustment, which you need for your comfort and better performance. If the adjustment of your bike forces you to adopt a bad posture, you may soon be suffering from a muscle injury. The equipment is the best protection tool we have.

    2.  Warming up and stretching.

    It is of supreme importance that you warm up and stretch, both before you begin and at the end of your routine. It may seem to you a very general recommendation, but perhaps for this very reason it may be frequently dismissed; Books, magazines, manuals, as well as specialist doctors are right: spending a few minutes warm up before a greater physical effort decreases the risk of injury as it prepares muscles gradually for the oncoming physical activity.

    It activates the circulation of the blood and the irrigation to the muscles heating with a gentle march that lasts about 15 minutes. Similarly, when you finish, reduce the speed until you reach a gentle gait that you maintain for 10 or 15 minutes, so that the muscles begin their recovery and cooling process.

    Stretch the muscles in your legs, arms, trunk, and back when you finish training to help them recover after physical exertion.


    3. Listen to your body

    Learn to recognize the signals your body sends. All people have different abilities so it is important that you recognize what your limits are, avoiding making comparisons with other runners.

    Help your body with progressive intensity training and learn to recognize the signals that tell you that it is time to slow down or stop. Your state of health, resistance, previous training and even genetics come into play to define these limits, which if not respected, you would be forcing your body and increasing the chances of suffering injuries. Avoid at all costs to train until you feel extremely exhausted, this is a sign that you are doing it wrong.

    4. Avoiding pain

    Although many believe otherwise, pain is not a sign of progress or progress in training; The pain is the signal sent by the body to indicate that something is not right.

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    For cyclists it is necessary to identify when they begin to feel pain, and then to be able to find the main cause that causes it, otherwise the risk of suffering an injury increases exponentially. One of the main causes of pain and subsequent injury is improper adjustment of the bicycle. If you feel pain check your seat, as well as the position of the different parts that compose it.

    5. The break

    Just as we need physical activity and exercise to keep us healthy, rest is also vital. Resting allows muscles to recover and decrease tension by preventing injuries; Therefore it is necessary to plan weekly rest periods in order to stimulate the recovery of tendons and give them a necessary respite.

    It is also important to alternate the group of muscles that are working in training, dedicate one day to work resistance, another to work speed, climbing or descents. Avoid excesses and alternate your workout in a healthy way.

    If you take these five recommendations into account, you can make sure that you are minimizing your chances of getting injured away from the road.


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    5 of the great on Mountain Bike of all time

    Who is the greatest mountain biker of all time? It’s hard to name one, this list includes 5 of the most popular and most accomplished cyclists in the sport.


    1.Steve Peat.  Veteran runner with the highest number of downhill contests and world title winner three times. When he was not first on the podium, he was usually second in the overall ranking. It is a very popular downhill cyclist and is still a threat especially on slippery and difficult terrain.




    2. Nino Schurter. Professional racer with three titles in the world championship and three victories in in the world cup. Nino brought the energy and superiority of the young categories with an incredible physical condition. He is brilliant with his descending skills and never disappoints ovation with spectacular jumps and high-risk maneuvers.



    3. Hans Rey. Fue el responsable de hacer el deporte atractivo a  escala masiva. Su enfoque  de entretenimiento de calidad  con acrobacias que parecian imposibles sobre una bicicleta lo hicieron muy popular. Personalmente tuvo un impacto en mi preferencia por las bicicletas de montaña y las acrobacias.



    4.John Tomac.  Empezo como corredor de BMX y es el único que ha llegado a obtener el título mundial en cross country y en downhill. Inclusive en el mismo año de 1991  llego a obtener el título mundial de Cross Country y la medalla de plata en downhill. Su extrema  flexibilidad para dominar terreno agreste y bajadas lo hacen uno de los grandes.



    5. Thomas Frischknecht. Mountain biker with incredible ability for cross country. It has victories in about 18 championships and world cups. Its persistence and high maneuverability in the mountain keep it constantly close to the top.


    Do you have any favorites? We will include more cyclists in our next post.



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    105-year-old man sets cycling record

    Robert Marchand is a 105-year-old stone savage. At an age when most would pray only to go to the bathroom, the French cyclist broke and set a world record for pedaling 14 miles in an hour.

    Marchand is not just a cyclist, he is a true example of human strength. The record I reach is not only an athletic achievement, it goes much further and it is his attitude that can show us one or two things about living.

    Robert Marchand created his file in Saint-Quentin-en-Ylevines, a city located to the east of Paris. He set the mark in the category of 105 years, which was created specifically for him. He really could be considered a sports hero.

    Here we show 6 reasons obtained from the associated press to reach its world record:

    1. Does not have hairs on the tongue


    The day of competition.

    After culminating and setting the world record, Marchand commented that he could have ended better if he had seen the notice indicating that he had 10 minutes remaining for the goal.

    “Otherwise I would have gone faster, I would have made a better time,” I stress. “I was not tired.”

    Not only that, with 105 years of age, also launched an open challenge to their counterparts:


    2. Sin gran altura pero con gran corazón.


    Marchand on the way to the world record.

    Marchand is short of stature, but he has a big heart, literally.

    “It has two essential characteristics, a large heart that pumps enough blood, and can reach values ​​of beats that are impressive for its age,” said Veronique Billat, a physiologist at Marchand.

    3. He is a man of his word

    The cycling pack rides in the countryside past a cow during the 2nd stage of the 63rd Tour de Romandie UCI ProTour cycling race in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Thursday, April 30, 2009. (AP Photo/Keystone, Dominic Favre)


    Billat also stated that Marchand could have gotten a better rating. But the reason was not because he lost the notice to finish in 10 minutes. The reason was because Marchand recently took an ethical position at the expense of his own performance.

    “It could have gone faster but it made a big mistake,” Billat said of Marchand. “He has stopped consuming meat during the past month after seeing some reports on cruel treatments that animals receive and how the meat is exposed to carcinogenic substances.

    A model to follow on and off the bike.

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    4. He will make you eat your words.

    Robert Marchand, French centenarian, born November 26, 1911, and an amateur cyclist, speaks to journalists at the outdoor Tete-d'Or Velodrome track in Lyon September 27, 2012, on the eve of an attempt to establish a record for the fastest 100-year-old to cover 100km. REUTERS/Robert Pratta

    Teaching for children.

    When he was young, Marchand was rejected by a coach and told him that he should quit cycling for lack of talent.

    That was almost a century ago. Now it has a world record that very few or probably no one can break.

    Sit down and make a note, Coach.

    5. Has traveled the world


    Marchand, was born in 1911, and is a former firefighter. He also worked as a truck driver in Venezuela in the 1940s, and as a lumberjack in Canada.

    He returned to cycling at age 68, almost half a century ago. In 1992, they moved from Moscow to Paris.

    6. Your daily routine is very healthy


    Marchand does not smoke and only drinks wine on very special occasions. Their main food is many fruits and vegetables. Sleeps at 9 p.m. Every night and gets up at 6 am every morning.

    He lives with a monthly pension of approximately $ 950 dollars in a small apartment in a suburb of Paris. Marchand pedals daily on a stationary bike and is an avid reader of L’Humanite, a newspaper founded in 1904, at the dawn of a new century and just seven years before he was born.

    See: 7 causas por las que te duelen las rodillas al montar bici

    And as an end point: just look at the boy:



    Bicicletas, Marcas & Emprendedores en

    5 stunning bike shops in the world

    There are bike shops that go beyond being simple shops. In addition to providing an environment where to buy and obtain information for cyclists, these places offer an exceptional quality service with a first class atmosphere. These sites have their own personality and promote the use of cycling and cycling in a very peculiar way. In this article we will see 5 of the most popular stores in the world.

    There will always be discrepancies and everyone has their preferences, but we have tried to choose the stores that stand out through different surveys and cycling sites. Some are more shops than cafes and others are more cafes than shops, but both achieve the goal of promoting the use of the bicycle.



    Location: Machida, Tokyo, Japan
    Founded: 1965

    Japan has a fantastic cycling culture and several of the world’s largest brands come from Japan

    The Cherubim store of Konno Cycleworks was founded in 1965, after the Olympic Games in Tokyo. I started with the three Konno brothers and their bicycle frames. Cherubim, Rensho and Miyuki who from an early age started in the frame construction industry. Cherubin remains popular today for its spirit of innovation and tradition.

    Website: Cherubim
    Facebook: Facebook Cherubim



    Location: El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, ​​Spain
    Foundation: 2011

    The image of this store is one of the best known on the internet. It is a combination of shop and museum with contemporary architecture.

    Pave in Barcelona is more than a bike shop. It has a room where guests can watch cycling races on TV, read magazines and have coffee with snacks. It also has showers for users who want to cool down after riding a bike. Marketing for the store was created by Marcel Battle who describes it: “The project started with the store owner, an enthusiastic cyclist named Javier Maya.” The goal was to offer much more than a cycling shop. Showers for cyclists after training and a plasma television to enjoy international competitions are just some of the attractions. We take into account even the smallest details and the space of 700 m2 provides a very comfortable and welcoming environment for visitors.

    Website: Pave
    Facebook: Facebook Pave



    Location: Beijing, China
    Foundation: 2012

    Serk is much more than a bike shop. Owner Shannon Bufton is an Australian living in Beijing. Shannon mentions that Beijing reminds him of the cycling scene in Australia 20 years ago. Shannon is heavily involved in the defense of bicycles and Serk Cycling is the company that allows him to handle all his activities to help with cycling in Beijing. Currently the cycling scene in China is very interesting, so it is very likely that in the next few years will see more cyclists and runners from China in the top positions.

    Serk is a meeting place for events, walks and promotional activities around Beijing. The place offers beer, coffee and bicycles with a very friendly attitude. Opened by Shannon Bufton, co-founder of Smarter Than Car, the space is perfect for beer lovers to gather under the hanging bikes that are for sale. Taking a bicycle accessory, Serk is derived from the abbreviation for the word circle, circ. Serk is more than just the form of the bicycle – it is also a reference to the rebirth of the bicycle that takes place all over the world. In some of the most progressive cities in the world the bicycle has reached a full circle and is again a popular form of urban transportation.

    Serk stands between promoting utility, recreation and racing cycling – all of which are critical to promoting a bicycle rebirth in China.

    Website: Website
    Twitter:Twitter Serk

    Rapha Cycle Club – Londres


    Location: Soho, London
    Foundation: 2012

    Rapha is famous for its pop cycling clubs all over the world, however recently just four years ago had a fixed residence in London. The aim of Rapha Cycle Club is to give the counterpart to the online stores offering a unique quality of service. The peculiar thing is that they do not sell bicycles or accessories but instead have all kinds of articles related to cycling: Cafe, snacks, magazines, souvenirs. You can also sit in your biker outfit and enjoy races and other events on a screen inside the store. The atmosphere is very pleasant to converse with other cyclists and to know the local scene for the sport. The next store is planned to open in Sydney, so Australians will soon have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience when visiting a bike shop.

    Website: Rapha Cycle Club
    Twitter:Rapha twitter

    Vecchio’s Bicicletteria


    Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
    Foundation: 2000

    The images of this store are very striking and is highly recommended in general in the United States. The owners are experienced cyclists with more than 75 years in the business. That was one of the reasons to found the store Vecchio. They joked that they have been too long in cycling but that has given them the backing of creating a bicycle shop with its own personality.

    They do not take the main route and sell very few commercial brands, their focus is service customization and components. Each item or bicycle is completely personalized depending on the type of customer. They use quality components like carbon and other materials for competition bikes. Their experience allows them to adjust, modify and provide unique solutions for each user. They themselves refer to as Ferrari, Ducatti or Alfa Romeo where the important thing is a superior quality of performance for the rider.

    Website: Vecchio’s
    Twitter: Twitter Vecchio’s


    Hot, Marcas & Emprendedores en

    Steal these tips from cyclists who succeed in business.

    Most cycling gives us the opportunity to escape from the routine and allows us to stay active and healthy. However for some cycling represents an integral part of your career and is part of your daily work. We present the tips that recommend when the two wheels are related to your economy.

    Keep the rythm

    You will always be getting advice about doing it the way A and others will tell you to do it the way B. Another group will think that what you are doing does not make sense and that you are wasting your time. “There are different opportunities in the market and you have to have the confidence to take the first step, it is a risk that you must take for yourself: that is when the unexpected happens.” Doug Zell founder of HIA Velo.


    Be active every day

    It is something everyone recommends but not everyone does. Exercising outdoors is part of the sport of cycling and you must do it to keep in touch with nature. I exercise every day in Patagonia. I’m going to have lunch by bike and every weekend I cycle through the path that goes to the beach. Jill Dumain, General Manager Bluesign, formerly Patagonia.

    Relacionado: 10 activities so you never get bored if you like cycling


    Align your motivation

    If the reason for keeping your motivation is external and based on the number of likes and kudos you receive, you will not be able to sustain it for long. 80% or 90% of the time, social justice is devastating and ephemeral. On the contrary, if your motivation comes from within and you are completely authentic with your cause, you can keep it in the most difficult situations. Shannon Galpin, activist and founder of Mountain2Mountain

    Get ready for the impossible

    We really do not know what we are capable of until we are subjected to extreme pressure. Situations that seem out of reach or really impossible force us to give the best of us and reinvigorate ourselves once overcome. That happened to me when I went for a walk around Taiwan in the raw winter and I was the only woman representing my country. He was driving with other Giant company workers and overcoming that challenge made future challenges look smaller. Elysa Walk General Manager Burton, formerly Giant cycling.


    Ver: Secrets to becoming the King of the Mountain


    Keep you in the present

    Meditation is a fundamental part of my routine and mountain biking is the perfect sport to focus on now. Your mind is active the instant you are dodging rocks, jumping a ramp or going fast across the hill. You must keep your concentration at the time otherwise it is very easy for you to have an accident and you end up unconscious on a cactus or a cutting stone. I really release all the stress from my other activities when I’m riding a bike. It is something therapeutic for my body and soul. Seamus Mullen, internationally acclaimed chef and writer.

    Discuss if cycling represents your economic activity.



    Things to Do Before the Ride

    When you want to get out of your routine and do something different, one of the best options for is going out for a bike ride. It is well known that biking is one of the best outdoor exercises. You will get some fresh air and contribute to lowering carbon emissions.

    Before you decide to take a ride, make sure your bicycle is in good working condition whether your bike brand new or you’ve had it for a long time. It is always essential to check out your bicycle before you do a long or short trip in order to detect small issues that can possibly result in troubles and potential cause accidents during the activity or event.

    View:5 Routines to Stand Out in Mountain Biking

    A routine check usually takes about 1 hour. As long as you have the right tools, the process should be fast and easy, even if you are not a professional. Conducting a proper check out of your bicycle will allow you to have an idea of the problems that can happen during the ride, and this will improve your confidence knowing that you can handle any situation that may occur along the wa.

    Please note that you can only apply this procedure for bicycles that are in good working condition. If that is not the case and your bike has been accumulating dust on your backyard, it`s recommended that you consult with a professional mechanic. An expert will give you a proper detailed assessment and explanation as to what repairs are needed.

    – Give your Bike a Swift Clean Up

    Start by putting your bicycle in a repair surface or support. You can clean the dust using a piece of wet cloth. If your bicycle is very dirty, you will have to remove the wheels and wash them with abundant water and soap.

    If the transmission is filthy, spray the bicycle chain with a good degreaser and let the bicycle dry for a few minutes. Then, mix some soap and water in a pail and using a sponge clean the chain until everything is clean. Next, clean all the remaining parts with another clean sponge/ Last, but not least, you have to dry all the pieces using a clean cloth.

    – Check that pressure and condition of the wheels

    You have to inspect the two wheels of your bicycle making sure that there are no cracks or cuts. If you find some of these problems, you will have to empty all the air and fix the wheels. It will all depend of the conditions of the wheels. If you can`t fix it you might have to buy or replace with new ones. Then you can install again the wheels in the bicycle frame and make sure these are firmly in place.

    – Try the principal parts of your bicycle

    It is prudent to check those parts that can be loosened due to the regular bicycle. You should tighten crank bolts, pedals, plate pins, bicycle stem, seat bolts and also the bicycle brake. You also have to make sure that gears are lubricated and in good conditions. In this process you should also include a check of the air bomb to inflate the rubber wheels and then, lubricate with some specific oil in the base of brake and pedals. If you use good oil you will significantly extend the life of your wheels and bike.

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    – Check the change gears and chain cicleta

    Another important step of this checking process is to examine and lubricate the gears change and chain of your bicycle, in this way you can determine the performance of the changes while in movement. Remember that the back cable change is longer and requires more use, it`s possible that you will have to adjust it. Doing this you will avoid movement of the back change level when the cable moves. Another thing that you have to be careful it is with the tight of the cable, it can not be too tight or too loose.

    Keeping the chain correctly lubricated is vital for the correct function of your bicycle.

    – Do not forget the brake system

    One part that you always have to check with more frequency is the brake system of your bicycle. Make sure to inspect all four brake pads. If these are worn out, it is time to replace them.

    You have to tighten the brake lever to feel how it works; the pads have to hit the edge correctly, if this not happen, you can tighten the brake by turning on the barrel adjuster on the brake tweezers. When it is only one piece, you have to turn it to the left until the pads are placed at a distance that goes from 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the wheel.

    If your bicycle works with disc brakes, you will have to take off the wheels to check the brake pads. Once the wheels are pulled apart, make sure that the pads have at least 1, 5 mm of braking material, if this not the case you might have to replace them for new brake pads.

    Verify that brake system works correctly by putting some pressure repeatedly on the levers while the rotor and wheels are in the right place. If the lever action seems to be sticky it is time to change all the brake system. This is not the kind of work that you can do if you are not professional. Therefore, it is essential to take your bicycle into a mechanic workshop to get the right professional opinion and fix the brakes, if needed.

    After all this process, it is recommended to do a meticulous test before going out to the road and confirm your bicycle meets the highest requirements of the road.

    Then you can go out and check if all the parts of your bicycle work well, including rubber wheels and brake system, chain transition, height of seat and the change cable.

    Finally, keep your eyes open to see if anything is out of place, adjust and repair as necessary and – remember, make your safety and security the highest priority.

    Comment if you have any advice to check your bike quickly or simply.




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