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    5 stunning bike shops in the world

    There are bike shops that go beyond being simple shops. In addition to providing an environment where to buy and obtain information for cyclists, these places offer an exceptional quality service with a first class atmosphere. These sites have their own personality and promote the use of cycling and cycling in a very peculiar way. In this article we will see 5 of the most popular stores in the world.

    There will always be discrepancies and everyone has their preferences, but we have tried to choose the stores that stand out through different surveys and cycling sites. Some are more shops than cafes and others are more cafes than shops, but both achieve the goal of promoting the use of the bicycle.



    Location: Machida, Tokyo, Japan
    Founded: 1965

    Japan has a fantastic cycling culture and several of the world’s largest brands come from Japan

    The Cherubim store of Konno Cycleworks was founded in 1965, after the Olympic Games in Tokyo. I started with the three Konno brothers and their bicycle frames. Cherubim, Rensho and Miyuki who from an early age started in the frame construction industry. Cherubin remains popular today for its spirit of innovation and tradition.

    Website: Cherubim
    Facebook: Facebook Cherubim



    Location: El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, ​​Spain
    Foundation: 2011

    The image of this store is one of the best known on the internet. It is a combination of shop and museum with contemporary architecture.

    Pave in Barcelona is more than a bike shop. It has a room where guests can watch cycling races on TV, read magazines and have coffee with snacks. It also has showers for users who want to cool down after riding a bike. Marketing for the store was created by Marcel Battle who describes it: “The project started with the store owner, an enthusiastic cyclist named Javier Maya.” The goal was to offer much more than a cycling shop. Showers for cyclists after training and a plasma television to enjoy international competitions are just some of the attractions. We take into account even the smallest details and the space of 700 m2 provides a very comfortable and welcoming environment for visitors.

    Website: Pave
    Facebook: Facebook Pave



    Location: Beijing, China
    Foundation: 2012

    Serk is much more than a bike shop. Owner Shannon Bufton is an Australian living in Beijing. Shannon mentions that Beijing reminds him of the cycling scene in Australia 20 years ago. Shannon is heavily involved in the defense of bicycles and Serk Cycling is the company that allows him to handle all his activities to help with cycling in Beijing. Currently the cycling scene in China is very interesting, so it is very likely that in the next few years will see more cyclists and runners from China in the top positions.

    Serk is a meeting place for events, walks and promotional activities around Beijing. The place offers beer, coffee and bicycles with a very friendly attitude. Opened by Shannon Bufton, co-founder of Smarter Than Car, the space is perfect for beer lovers to gather under the hanging bikes that are for sale. Taking a bicycle accessory, Serk is derived from the abbreviation for the word circle, circ. Serk is more than just the form of the bicycle – it is also a reference to the rebirth of the bicycle that takes place all over the world. In some of the most progressive cities in the world the bicycle has reached a full circle and is again a popular form of urban transportation.

    Serk stands between promoting utility, recreation and racing cycling – all of which are critical to promoting a bicycle rebirth in China.

    Website: Website
    Twitter:Twitter Serk

    Rapha Cycle Club – Londres


    Location: Soho, London
    Foundation: 2012

    Rapha is famous for its pop cycling clubs all over the world, however recently just four years ago had a fixed residence in London. The aim of Rapha Cycle Club is to give the counterpart to the online stores offering a unique quality of service. The peculiar thing is that they do not sell bicycles or accessories but instead have all kinds of articles related to cycling: Cafe, snacks, magazines, souvenirs. You can also sit in your biker outfit and enjoy races and other events on a screen inside the store. The atmosphere is very pleasant to converse with other cyclists and to know the local scene for the sport. The next store is planned to open in Sydney, so Australians will soon have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience when visiting a bike shop.

    Website: Rapha Cycle Club
    Twitter:Rapha twitter

    Vecchio’s Bicicletteria


    Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
    Foundation: 2000

    The images of this store are very striking and is highly recommended in general in the United States. The owners are experienced cyclists with more than 75 years in the business. That was one of the reasons to found the store Vecchio. They joked that they have been too long in cycling but that has given them the backing of creating a bicycle shop with its own personality.

    They do not take the main route and sell very few commercial brands, their focus is service customization and components. Each item or bicycle is completely personalized depending on the type of customer. They use quality components like carbon and other materials for competition bikes. Their experience allows them to adjust, modify and provide unique solutions for each user. They themselves refer to as Ferrari, Ducatti or Alfa Romeo where the important thing is a superior quality of performance for the rider.

    Website: Vecchio’s
    Twitter: Twitter Vecchio’s


    Hot, Marcas & Emprendedores en

    Steal these tips from cyclists who succeed in business.

    Most cycling gives us the opportunity to escape from the routine and allows us to stay active and healthy. However for some cycling represents an integral part of your career and is part of your daily work. We present the tips that recommend when the two wheels are related to your economy.

    Keep the rythm

    You will always be getting advice about doing it the way A and others will tell you to do it the way B. Another group will think that what you are doing does not make sense and that you are wasting your time. “There are different opportunities in the market and you have to have the confidence to take the first step, it is a risk that you must take for yourself: that is when the unexpected happens.” Doug Zell founder of HIA Velo.


    Be active every day

    It is something everyone recommends but not everyone does. Exercising outdoors is part of the sport of cycling and you must do it to keep in touch with nature. I exercise every day in Patagonia. I’m going to have lunch by bike and every weekend I cycle through the path that goes to the beach. Jill Dumain, General Manager Bluesign, formerly Patagonia.

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    Align your motivation

    If the reason for keeping your motivation is external and based on the number of likes and kudos you receive, you will not be able to sustain it for long. 80% or 90% of the time, social justice is devastating and ephemeral. On the contrary, if your motivation comes from within and you are completely authentic with your cause, you can keep it in the most difficult situations. Shannon Galpin, activist and founder of Mountain2Mountain

    Get ready for the impossible

    We really do not know what we are capable of until we are subjected to extreme pressure. Situations that seem out of reach or really impossible force us to give the best of us and reinvigorate ourselves once overcome. That happened to me when I went for a walk around Taiwan in the raw winter and I was the only woman representing my country. He was driving with other Giant company workers and overcoming that challenge made future challenges look smaller. Elysa Walk General Manager Burton, formerly Giant cycling.


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    Keep you in the present

    Meditation is a fundamental part of my routine and mountain biking is the perfect sport to focus on now. Your mind is active the instant you are dodging rocks, jumping a ramp or going fast across the hill. You must keep your concentration at the time otherwise it is very easy for you to have an accident and you end up unconscious on a cactus or a cutting stone. I really release all the stress from my other activities when I’m riding a bike. It is something therapeutic for my body and soul. Seamus Mullen, internationally acclaimed chef and writer.

    Discuss if cycling represents your economic activity.



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