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    How cycling makes you smarter at work

    Utilizing your bike out oftentimes enables your encephalon to grow more neuro-transmitter chemicals (like phenyl ethylamine) which have the basic errand of conveying data crosswise over cells.

    When the transmission of information is productive, the correspondence inside the mind is quick and compelling, which enables you to be sharp by intuition speedier, seeing better and expanding memory.

    Frequently, bike rides add up to the talented crossing of uneven territories by the consistent execution of complex activities – accelerating without losing balance, organizing the development of your legs, eyes and hands, guiding to stay away from hindrances – that influence your cerebrum to ready and mindful.

    More or less, the impact ongoing riding has on your gray matter is much similar to the course of a long trip! – beginning from locate, notice, discourse, development through fixation, cognizance, memory up to deduction design, basic leadership and critical thinking.

    Mitigates Stress

    On the off chance that you achieve your office by bicycle than via auto, you truly avoid a noteworthy every day stressor, the inwardly depleting occupied hour activity since you ride at the edge of the street by a littler vehicle that is moderately simple to move.

    Cycle-rides stay away from outer stressors as well as help hold the inside ones under control. Various investigations have discovered that pedalling controls the arrival of adrenalin and cortisol amid irksome occasions. At the end of the day, dynamic bikers can oppose the trigger of ‘battle or flight’ reaction to minor setbacks while sofa potatoes aren’t.

    Bicycling can lessen feelings of anxiety in a roundabout too. For instance, by saddling up, you invigorate blood course to your skin, dispose of flaw causing poisons and spare yourself from awful skin stresses.

    In this manner, turning the cranks can free you of tension from multiple points of view, you take part in them on a consistent reason for not over a hour while keeping your heart rate at around 75% of max.

    Ride Smart

    Accelerating past the 30-minute stamp makes your encephalon create glad hormones (like serotonin), making a superior antidote with keeping you away from low spirits than your antidepressants.

    When friends gather to hit the trail, riding turns into an awesome mingling exercise; one that creates closeness and fortifies bonds. Cycling mates think that its simpler to open up their souls to each other, which means that there is no space for melancholy!

    Truth be told, bicycle rides can accomplish something beyond keeping you happy. They can influence you to encounter an addict’s high. Last studies have affirmed that pedalling for the great piece of an hour can initiate the limbic area to create anadamide, the rapture courier which influences bliss to course through your veins.

    Final Thoughts

    Bicycling is a magnificent exercise that makes you physically, rationally and emotianlly vigorous. Joining a spinning class and turning the wheels inside the four dividers of a room is awesome. Be that as it may, nothing can level with the excite of exploring through a pack of obstructions in a characteristic setting. In this way, be savvy enough to ride cheerfully and ride enough to end up plainly brilliant and blissful!

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    5 habits to forget about bicycling injuries

    For a cyclist, an injury is the worst thing that can happen, not only because of the pain and discomfort that will result from medical treatment and recovery, but because it represents a period of time during which you will not be able to run.

    Unfortunately, while riding a bicycle, we will be exposed to injury at any time; That’s why we want to share some tricks that will help you avoid the feared injuries and thus run safely and safely.

    1. Lean on good equipment

    The appropriate clothing and equipment will allow you to mount your risk exposure. Always wearing your glasses, gloves and helmet is vital to protect you; Also the appropriate choice of clothing which must be specially designed to withstand rubbing, sweating, temperature and, of course, comfort.

    Keep in mind that when riding a bicycle, we are exposed to weather changes, changes in terrain, particles and obstacles along the way, as well as the dreaded falls. An efficient professional team, of good quality, will not be able to avoid these elements, but it will be able to offer you protection against the unforeseen ones.

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    Finally remember to have your bicycle with the indicated adjustment, which you need for your comfort and better performance. If the adjustment of your bike forces you to adopt a bad posture, you may soon be suffering from a muscle injury. The equipment is the best protection tool we have.

    2.  Warming up and stretching.

    It is of supreme importance that you warm up and stretch, both before you begin and at the end of your routine. It may seem to you a very general recommendation, but perhaps for this very reason it may be frequently dismissed; Books, magazines, manuals, as well as specialist doctors are right: spending a few minutes warm up before a greater physical effort decreases the risk of injury as it prepares muscles gradually for the oncoming physical activity.

    It activates the circulation of the blood and the irrigation to the muscles heating with a gentle march that lasts about 15 minutes. Similarly, when you finish, reduce the speed until you reach a gentle gait that you maintain for 10 or 15 minutes, so that the muscles begin their recovery and cooling process.

    Stretch the muscles in your legs, arms, trunk, and back when you finish training to help them recover after physical exertion.


    3. Listen to your body

    Learn to recognize the signals your body sends. All people have different abilities so it is important that you recognize what your limits are, avoiding making comparisons with other runners.

    Help your body with progressive intensity training and learn to recognize the signals that tell you that it is time to slow down or stop. Your state of health, resistance, previous training and even genetics come into play to define these limits, which if not respected, you would be forcing your body and increasing the chances of suffering injuries. Avoid at all costs to train until you feel extremely exhausted, this is a sign that you are doing it wrong.

    4. Avoiding pain

    Although many believe otherwise, pain is not a sign of progress or progress in training; The pain is the signal sent by the body to indicate that something is not right.

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    For cyclists it is necessary to identify when they begin to feel pain, and then to be able to find the main cause that causes it, otherwise the risk of suffering an injury increases exponentially. One of the main causes of pain and subsequent injury is improper adjustment of the bicycle. If you feel pain check your seat, as well as the position of the different parts that compose it.

    5. The break

    Just as we need physical activity and exercise to keep us healthy, rest is also vital. Resting allows muscles to recover and decrease tension by preventing injuries; Therefore it is necessary to plan weekly rest periods in order to stimulate the recovery of tendons and give them a necessary respite.

    It is also important to alternate the group of muscles that are working in training, dedicate one day to work resistance, another to work speed, climbing or descents. Avoid excesses and alternate your workout in a healthy way.

    If you take these five recommendations into account, you can make sure that you are minimizing your chances of getting injured away from the road.


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    Develop Your Abs on Your Bicycle

    Researches reveal that is possible to get a six-pack abs by riding your bike however you must make a little changes in your routines if you want to lose weight and define muscles, Here some bike tips that the science reveals:

    Saddle up!

    This first bike tip is also the simplest. Find the steepest hill and conquer it on two wheels.

    Scientists in the Département de Mécanique Appliquée at the Université de Franche-Comté, set out to analyze muscular activity during two pedaling postures and the change of pedaling posture in uphill cycling had a significant effect on the muscle activity. They discovered the influence of the lateral sways of the bike that activate the rectus abdominis muscles and greater activation from the biceps, triceps and glutes for six-pack abs.

    The results are due to the obvious increase in difficulty cycling up hill, also the muscles of the stomach must work harder while you stand up to pedal.

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    Mountain Ride

    The Sport Research Centre in Castellanza, Italy, found that who practice mountain biking spend more than 80 per cent of race time above the lactate threshold. It means that lactate threshold is just the point at which lactic acid accumulates in the body. This substance turn causes of unpleasant burning sensation you get after any hard and intense exercise.

    According to the researchers, the road cycling demands a very high exercise intensity related to the fact off-road cyclists expend most of their effort going against gravity cycling up hill. This high intensity training is a popular strategy for improving everything from cardiovascular fitness reducing body fat levels.


    Get rid of your drinks bottle

    Following the most traditional tips of cycling, probably you are carrying with you a non-lose fat drink; It is a common practice that might be wrong. You may think of the great cyclists who frequently drink high-calorie drinks, however, if you want to lose weight and work your abs, the best thing is to abstain. The athletic body of a winner cyclist is the result of hours of training, with and without bicycle.

    Accordance to the advice of research published by bike specialists Radial Cycle at the University of Texas found that to reduce the carbohydrates before and during training it will improve the body’s ability to burn fat.

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    Little effort means little fat burn

    Keep in mind the way you run if you want to lose fat and work abs. The type of cycle you have, as well as the type of surface you run on will have a direct impact on the amount of calories you burn.

    If you Burn more calories, you will lose more fats that increase your muscle definition. If you run on a road, your body and your bike stay in harmony, and you will burn few calories so you need a harder road, pace and terrain.

    Just don’t be surprised when your daily ride, on a smooth, declining gradient, on an incredibly aerodynamic bike doesn’t produce the fat loss and get six-pack abs you were expecting.

    So there you have four ways to cycle that will help you to achieve a six-pack abs practicing the sport you enjoy most, cycling.


    Tips To Avoid Dog Chasing

    It’s really common, when someone is biking or in training being chased by a dog, and the way they chase varies sometimes for curiosity and fun or aggressiveness unless precautionary measures aren’t taken it could be dangerous.

    No one is exempt from living this experience in innumerable occasions, although the unknown ledge how to deal with the first time chase dog, should aware us, especially the no owner s aggressive and wild dogs therefore they are not under supervision and human responsibility.

    This time we are going to teach you some tips to learn how to handle this situation. Useful tips to help you to prevent dogs attack while enjoying your cycling.

    Why do some dogs attack riders?

    On many occasions the result is simply the pet’s instinct and lack of training leads. On several occasions which some dog s aggression or attack occurs, is a territorial dog because we are invading its possession or property. It is perfectly a natural instinct that we must understand.

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    However, it is not to be alarmed, it does not mean that we are a potential thread on every dog that come across in our way. It happen at only certain moments. The process begins with a simple bark and the dog could feel more confident go on the defense and his violent attack, so it is necessary to learn some tricks to distract the dog and follow our path calmly without being chased.

    How to avoid being attacked by a dog on your ride?

    This is one of the most common obstacles you will encounter, but can be avoided in different ways.

    Reduce the speed limit

    This can be an appropriate option as soon as you notice that you approach an aggressive dog unexpectedly. The first thing is keeping in calm at all cost so you will be able to make the right decisions if necessary, then reduce the speed and get ready to get off the bike. The most important thing is that the dog does not be able to distinguish you as a prey and do not encourage the attack don’t fall into error as do many others, such as verbal attacks that could come a violent dog behavior.

    Get off the bike and use it as a barrier

    In case the dog continues approaching, the best thing that you can do is to get off the bike and put it as a barrier between you and the dog. Keep walking calmly and do not look the dog directly into the eyes because this can be perceived by the dog as a threat, which we obviously want to avoid. You must remain calm all the time to handle the situation correctly. Keep watching the dog, not directly into the eyes, while you search around if there are vehicles in the area that you may run into.

    Do not try to escape

    Unless you go on a slope and downhill, it is not the best thing to try to escape. Especially on flat roads, the escape can encourage the pursuit and easily the dog could reach you, besides, it is more difficult to focus on the road and the dog at the same time. Try to have a careless attitude of not giving too much importance to the event so the dog won’t feel threatened and allows you to continue your journey in peace.


    Keep calm, dominate the space and show that you are the leader

    The first resource you have at your disposal is to control and reduce the dog s interest in you, not giving too much importance to its barks. This will only be achieved if you remain calm and do not panic. This is a situation that you should get used to if you plan to cycle any place where there may be dogs. You have to claim your space and be the leader, the same bike helps you to look bigger. A strong, firm voice with a clear command, accompanied by the right body language can help you to maintain control of the situation and show that you are not representing any threat.

    Give it something to bite

    All steps above should be enough to control any dog attack while cycling, but if you cannot neutralize the situation, then you can opt for another resource that would be throwing something that might bite and stop giving its attention to you. You can use a sweater, a bottle of water or the air pump or any element that helps to persuade and entertain the dog while you are willing to walk away peacefully.

    Never stop riding

    Dogs can maintain an average speed of 15-30 mph, so if you can pedal at that speed, then the most appropriate thing is that you do not even give it time to react. Pedal hard and escape from the dog’s action zone as soon as possible and thus avoid inconveniences. This is not recommended because it is to incite the persecution, but it can be an appropriate option in case of encountering a dog that is simply annoying, but do not be completely aggressive and do not try to intercept us.

    You must remember that dogs do not have a natural instinct to attack humans, it is actually a bad habit that they have adopted when growing up on the streets or irresponsible pet ownership. You cannot avoid to meet an aggressive dog unexpectedly but with these tips you can face the situation and avoid getting hurt as well as hurting the animal.

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    What to Do After a Cycling Accident


    An urban cyclist is vulnerable to collisions due to different causes. It is advisable when you travel through the city, take all the necessary precautions for a pleasant walk.

    However, it is important to know how to act and what steps and recommendations you should follow immediately in the event of an accident. You never know when we can have an accident and you need to be prepared for eventualities, stay calm and don’t panic.


    7 straightforward guidelines you should do in the event of a cycling accident.

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    Stay calm

    Your first priority after a bike accident is to stay calm, make sure you don’t have any serious injuries, move your legs, arms, muscles, your head, search for traces of blood, and check that everything is all right.
    Many times after an accident your body can go into shock and we are not aware of the injuries until minutes later, which can be complicate your health. Checked out for any immediate serious injuries ask for immediate help and contact a relative or someone you trust who can help and accompany you.


    Request emergency assistance

    No one else than the authorities are able to deal with emergency and conflict situations after an accident. It can be counterproductive if you don’t do anything, in case you need to make a subsequent complaint as a process to collect insurance policies. Accidents can cause arguments and fights for the parties involved. The presence of the authorities is important to avoid any action and they are mediators in these types of cases, but any police or authority dedicated to citizen security can fulfill their duties during an emergency.


    Take Down Driver Information

    Many times after the accident things happen quietly, as there are drivers aware that they had some responsibility in the matter and assume without problem, in this case, you can take down their license numbers. Also get their name, address, phone number, insurance company, insurance policy number, and license plate number. This is going to be necessary in subsequent processes with the insurance companies. If driver behavior is not friendly, you must act quickly to memorize or take photos of the vehicle and license plate number, as well as the driver’s features.

    If other drivers are not involved, be sure to get the owner’s info as well. Witness data is a valuable resource in case of trials. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, it is appropriate that you must be informed about cyclist rights, in order to defend yourself in case you need it. Do not take an aggressive position, it is always preferable to be kind and continue your journey in peace and if necessary, complaint to the competent authorities to avoid the conflict worse.


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    Never assume a car will stop

    It doesn’t often happen because people think the cyclist was the responsible of the accident or quite simply, they try to evade their own responsibility. That is why, as long as you are in a position to do so, you must take note quickly or memorize all the vehicle data so the police can help later. In an accident between a bicycle and a car, unfortunately the cyclist will rarely win the case unless it demonstrate that driver of the vehicle is responsible of the accident.


    Buy an insurance policy

    There are different insurance policies that you can buy, in case you want to protect yourself because you are frequently cycling in high traffic streets. Look for an insurance agent for this particular case and choose the cover you need. It may seem exaggerated, but you will really appreciate it in case of a mishap.


    Go to a doctor

    When the conflict is solved see the doctor immediately who will check your general health, check for fractures, sprains or any spinal cord or joints injury because many times symptoms appear hours later after the trauma even If the accident was serious or not.

    If the accident was serious, do not even try to get up or move until an ambulance arrives, to follow the procedures correctly, that so injuries may get worse performing the incorrect first aid treatment.

    Assume your responsibility

    If you were blame for the accident, it is reasonable to assume responsibility. Check your physical condition, communicate immediately with a friend or family member who can help you if necessary, and under no circumstances should you try to evade your responsibility. You should not sign any agreement or document that legally implies anything, until you have the advice and effective representation.

    It is convenient, you know the traffic laws, what your duties and rights are as a cyclist about circulating in the city. Use the appropriate cycle lanes and margins.

    You need to keep in mind that you should never go outside without identification. It is also necessary that you carry with you contact person telephone number who can be informed about the accident. Likewise, you must have number stored and ensure that any security locks are switched off to make emergency calls.

    Comment if you ever had an accident and the recommendations you would give other cyclists from your experience.

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    It is very important for cyclists who want to improve their skills in cycling to strengthen their quadriceps. This practice is not about esthetics or vanity, but a functional need, a requirement that cannot be ignored. The sport of cycling is going to help you to develop this muscle that is vital in body balance functions. But going for a ride on your bike is not enough if you want to make this happen.

    There are a set of different types of exercises made for cyclists legs. Have you ever noticed how muscular a cyclist’s legs are? Usually we assume that it is just because of cycling but it is due of a combination between gym and cycling. Some routines on the gym, like weightlifting, can help to improve your strength, your performance and your speed on the field.

    Here are some of the best exercises you can do in the gym for have stronger quads that will increase your abilities as a cyclist.

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    The definite guide of exercises to obtain perfect quads

    Having strong legs will help you to achieve your goals in the cycling profession easily and also allows you to prevent serious injuries during training.

    Walking Lunge

    Stand with your feet at the same distance as your shoulders, holding a dumbbell in each hand, moving up and down, stepping forward using both legs. With this exercise you will improve the ab zone, legs, buttocks, lower back, adductors and hamstrings.

    The dumbbell weight directly corresponds to your back strength and the level of flexibility you apply to your hips. In general, it is recommended to use a medium weight and to complete about 15 to 20 repetitions. This exercise will help you improve your strength and coordination, due the dorsal and ab control you exert in maintaining your body in the right position. The advice is to first practice the coordination of movement without weight; in this way, you control the stability of your hips and maintain your back straight at the time you return to the original position. This will be the real guarantee that the movement can produce the right function on your quads. This is an exercise that increases the balance and stability of the cyclist.


    Leg Press

    You can do this exercise using a special machine. The idea in this exercise is to hold the flexion during the whole process. When you include your ankles, your anterior tibial gets activated, which are important for the ligaments needed for stability in your knees, and this is very important for a cyclist.

    At the beginning of this exercise, it’s important to start with a little extension, no more than 90 degrees, making sure to not to separate your hips from the seat because you will lose the perfect angle to stimulate the muscular groups that you wish to make function.

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    If you notice that this move is difficult for you and you feel too much pressure, you should immediately reduce the weight that you are using, because this overweight goes to your back and that is not the muscular group you want to work with. Furthermore, this movement can result in an injury for working your back in an incorrect angle, inappropriate for carrying heavy weight and supporting high tensions. This exercise allows you to control the weight with your knees, achieving a stronger ligament which has a direct relation with the impulse that you use on the bikes pedals.

    Femoral curl lying down

    The base of this exercise, like the previous exercise, consists on keeping your ankles flexible during the whole exercise, but in this case, the impact happens precisely in the opposite direction, the back part of your legs, your hamstrings and your twins, not including your buttocks nor your lower back.

    You should also avoid separating your hips from the bench you are sitting on, because this can create tension in your back, creating the converse effect you are after. If you begin to feel any tension, decrease the weight you are using. This exericse gives the cyclist a great control of pedal traction. At the beginning, it could be an
    uncomfortable exercise, even painful, and owing to the position of your body while you are doing it. This is not a usual position for your body for working your legs, but the result on increasing your force will result in a remarkable improvement in strength.



    Definitely, this is the best leg exercise, and you can do it both with dumbbells or with a simple bar. Standing with your legs parallel to your shoulders, lowering the hips and then return to the initial stance. This exercise will impact on your buttocks, hamstrings. All the movement is controlled with your quadriceps, which is why the stimulation is complete all over the muscular group. This exercise develops a better muscular balance between back and legs for the cyclist in those moments you need full power on the bike.

    Inclined press with feet in parallel

    Place your feet parallel to your shoulders level, then lift the weight up from your center. This position will impact directly your hamstrings, quadriceps and even your buttocks, given the motion required to complete this exercise. At no time should you lift your ankle from the platform of the press and also avoid extending your leg completely. Do not separate your hips from the back of the press where you are sitting because this will generate lumbar tension and can be dangerous due to the weight you are carrying. This exercise is very beneficial for the cyclist since s/he can increase her/his power on the impulse of pedals, especially during climbs.

    Comment on your favorite exercise to improve your performance when riding a bike.


    7 Weird Things that Happen to Your Body When You Ride a Bike

    Undoubtedly riding a bicycle offers great benefits, stimulates circulation and strengthens the heart; Helps to reduce stress and tones glutes and legs, however, it also causes us some strange side effects that can take us by surprise.

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    Some of these can be confused with symptoms of major diseases, but you have nothing to worry about, these are reactions that our body experiences before the exercise and the increase of the physical exigency and however strange they seem do not represent some risk for the health.



    If it has happened to you that you feel the taste of blood in your mouth at a time of great physical effort, you should know that it is an effect caused by the explosion of blood cells. When our body exceeds the level of training to which is accustomed the blood circulation increases and this can cause some cells collapse. This can happen inside your respiratory system, making it easier for the blood taste to reach your mouth. You should not worry as it is normal, however, if you notice that this persists, even when you are not training, it is advisable to consult with a Doctor.



    If it has happened to you when you ride your bike the production of mucus increases, this is an effect of exercise-induced rhinitis, especially if you train outdoors, in cold climates or with a high concentration of dust and / or pollen. By irritating the nostrils, mucus production is automatically increased, which has the function of protecting our respiratory tract from external agents. This should not worry you but it is really annoying to you and gets interfered with the training you can apply some palliative medicine to control this effect




    After completing a cyclocross run you notice that you have an intense cough that is kept for several minutes; This is a consequence of an effect called Bronco constriction. This is similar to people with asthma feel and it appears when we exercise in a more intense way than the body is accustomed to. They occur as spasms in the muscles around the lungs and it is much more common at the beginning of the year or cycle of training when people are out of shape. In addition, some climatic conditions such as cold or drought can induce this effect. The best way to avoid it is by wearing a scarf and breathing through it.

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    They occur as spasms in the muscles that surround the lungs and it is much more common at the beginning of the year or cycle of training when people are out of shape. In addition, some climatic conditions such as cold or drought can induce this effect. The best way to avoid it is by wearing a scarf and breathing through it.



    If suddenly, you are running, and you have the need to evacuate, you are not alone; This is a very common effect among runners. It happens by the stimulation that the exercise exerts on the intestine, besides the foods with high load of sugar, as well as the drinks with caffeine increases the intensity of this digestive effect. This is something that you can easily control by improving your diet, especially by taking care of what you eat right before you go running.



    It is very likely that when riding a bicycle for a while you have felt itchy, this can be due to two causes mainly. Firstly the itching can be an allergic reaction known as urticarial exercise which acts like any other allergic disease; In fact a doctor can prescribe antiallergics to avoid this annoying effect, however you must be careful of the side effects of these medicines as can be tiredness and drowsiness. Secondly itch in frequently caused by temperature; The heat helps the capillaries and arteries expand, which causes the nerves to stimulate and itch. The best way to avoid this is by applying moisturizer to protect the skin.



    Heavy physical exertion can cause certain level of confusion, to the point of forgetting where you left your keys, your car and even suffer orientation problems. This is normal because exercising quickly consumes the reservoir of glycogen, which is the fuel of brain cells. The best way to recover and return to a state of lucidity is by eating a healthy food and drink that will help us recharge energy as soon as possible.



    When riding a bicycle, it is very uncomfortable to feel the tingling of your numb fingers or even worse if your hands are totally asleep. The hands are necessary to control the handle of the bicycle, so this effect can get very nervous; This happens by the pressure that we put in the nerves that surround the wrists when taking the handlebars with force for long time. One way to avoid this uncomfortable effect is to wear gloves or try to move your hands while handling, as much as possible, to reduce pressure.


    7 Reasons why cycling is better than running

    Running this fashion. It’s very easy to start, it’s great for burning calories and adapts to any type of workout. However if we have to choose a sport, we believe that cycling takes the lead and these 7 points can prove it:

    Get Fit and Build Resistance


    Running burns more calories per kilometer but most people can not run as many miles as they would on a bicycle, even more complicated if there are signs of being overweight or out of shape. Due to gravity, when running, at each step you are pushing the weight of your body to continue advancing. Additionally in each step you receive the impact of your body weight on the ground. Both factors make running harder and causes more fatigue in your body. Any sign of overweight will generate more fatigue for the runner. It is true that the hills make it more difficult to pedal, but if you drive in flat terrain gravity will not be an inconvenience and you can ride with people of different physical contexts.

    Daño muscular


    Running generates more wear and tear than cycling (even pedaling at full steam). A study conducted in the United States compared cyclists and professional riders who performed between two and three hours of training for three days and the results were surprising. Long-distance runners had significantly greater muscle damage (133% to 404% more damage), higher inflammation levels (up to 256%) and 87% greater muscle fat. The results were taken during a recovery period of 38 hours. Lon researchers knew that running generated more wear but did not imagine such a drastic difference. The author of the study David Nieman, Professor of public health at the State University of Appalachian, says “There is a lot more muscle damage while running and the immune system takes more time to stabilize and heal the body”

    Know places


    The possibility to know places by bicycle in a relatively short time is a unique experience. On the contrary, when running you can not go very far without that does not entail a titanic and exhausting journey of several hours. There are an endless number of routes in each city and you can also prepare your bike for long trips. A good backpack, special accessories and you will be able to tour different cities at pure pedal. There really are no limits, you can ride during the day and camp at night until you reach the destination you want. Some took it very seriously and decided to travel the world on a bicycle (literally!)

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    Calm down your hunger


    This is really a draw. Researchers believed that cycling was most effective in suppressing the key hormone of hunger called acylated ghrelin. In studies conducted sequentially during an hour of training for cyclists and runners, they found that both disciplines suppressed the hormone of hunger in similar measure. However, it is easier to pedal all lungs for an hour than to run for maximum for the same amount of time.

    Clothes and accessories


    A couple of good running shoes and ready there is not much to worry about. On the other hand in cycling there is a complete variety of models of bicycles and clothes for different occasions and modalities. It exists from the classic and urban style to the most extreme downhill with bikes that look like motorcycles and equipment that a member of NASA could envy.

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    Cycling gives you a feeling of incomparable freedom and at times you can believe that you are flying. The fact that you reach high speeds with just the energy of your body is incredible. We understand that in running you feel the breeze of the air but when riding bicycle that feeling increases exponentially.



    Cycling is something you can do practically throughout your life. Lately people in Asia who have been riding bicycles in the last 90 years have become popular! There have been cases of people who without the possibility of walking are still able to move without any problem on a bicycle. The points mentioned above explain why it is possible and why you should do it too!



    4 reasons to ride a bike every day

    We all know the benefits of cycling every day, however few are those who use the bicycle as their main means of transportation. Distance, climate, or traffic keep most people who like to ride a bike away. Probably in some cases it is not possible to ride a bike on a daily basis, however the benefits of riding a bike should be the motivation to pedal a few extra kilometers during the week. Here are some advantages of cycling:

    A healthier body. Drive a bicycle to work and you will no longer need time to go to the gym. Those three hours of pedaling during the week will help reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, you will lose unwanted weight and keep you in line with your diet.


    Ahorras dinero. El costo de mantener un automóvil es por lo menos 10 veces más alto que el de una bicicleta. Además, la inversión es menor y aun si decides por una E-bike en caso tengas que recorrer distancias largas estarás ahorrando dinero.


    Cleaner air. The number of cities that do not pass clean air standards is expected to triple in a decade. Motor vehicles account for 70 percent of carbon monoxide, 45 percent of nitrogen dioxide and 34 percent of hydrocarbons produced by people. Riding a bicycle is a way to ensure a healthy environment.


    Every day is easier. Most cities in the world are reducing vehicle space to give preference to bicycles or pedestrians. There are even cities with plans to stop the use of vehicles within 5 to 10 years. Cyclists and bicycle support laws make cycling easier on motorways.

    Snowboarder on Whistler Mountain with clouds in valley

    Once decided, here are some suggestions to make it easier to travel by bike:

    Select the path. Depending on where you live, you should find the most suitable roads to handle your bike and avoid unsafe routes. You can check at the nearest bicycle store or ask someone who drives a bicycle on a daily basis. Another option is to explore any of the online map services like Google Maps or MapQuest, which allow you to investigate all secondary roads between two locations.

    Protect your skin. Outdoor pedaling feels good and you relax by enjoying the fresh air, but it can be harmful to your skin. It is advisable to take the following precautions:

    Use sunscreen. It should be noted that often one does not feel as if it is sunburned until it is too late due to the wind breeze. You can not get away from the sun’s dangerous UV rays, so you have to protect yourself with a water-resistant, long-lasting sweat-resistant sunscreen. Also consider sleeves to protect you from the sun. If you are sensitive use summer sleeves that have UV protection built into the fabric and are designed to keep you cool in the hot summer sun.

    Protect against irritation in the seat. Some people can ride their entire lives without ever rubbing or succumbing to irritation. Others simply have more sensitive skin. If you are in the last group, buy a cream for irritation and fix it in the lower regions and upper thighs before riding.

    Change clothing. There are cyclists who will remain in cycling clothes after the ride or route, do not be one of them. After the route you must change to avoid future irritations and stay healthy.

    Cover yourself in cold weather. Cold, dry air can not only leave the skin dry and cracked, it is also bad for joints and connective tissues, especially the knees. The cartilage of the knees is elastic when it is hot, but a bit brittle when it is cold. Keep your ligaments healthy with leg warmers or petroleum jelly when the temperature is too low.


    5 foods you should definitely not ingest when driving

    There are some foods that although they are appetizing, it is better to leave them for after the training. In some cases it is preferable to stop consuming them as they do not help improve our performance.


    The meat requires more time and more energy to be digested. It will not benefit you as you will not receive the macronutientes during your tour and probably have already finished the route when they are available. (Unless you are planning on making an epic route). When you eat meat your body will be using energy in digestion instead of maximizing performance and pumping blood into the muscles. You can eat meat to recover after training.



    Although it has carbohydrates that are easier to digest than meat, it is not very digestible and requires more effort for its digestion just like meat. Additionally, ice cream and other products derived from milk tend to produce gases and even without knowing it, a great majority of people have difficulty digesting lactose.


    Gel and high sugar drinks

    Although they preach the opposite, in general the gels are not of benefit. They should be consumed with a complete bottle of water to dissolve the amount of sugar and be digestible to the human body. Unless you bring an extra bottle of water (if you have space) they will not be very helpful. Your metabolism will use other fluids to dissolve the amount of sugar and higher viscosity of fluids, the yield is less.

    Spicy food

    Avoid spicy, simple food. This can cause indigestion or heartburn, causing your body to use more resources to complete the digestion cycle.

    Raw vegetables

    A small salad may be useful during a stop on the route. However it will not be of much benefit to you. Your body will use energy to digest the fiber of raw vegetables and will cause blood to be redirected to your stomach instead of circulating into the leg muscles.



    And what do we eat then?

    There are multiple options to consume when we are going to route and we will include them in our next post.





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